Research and development

CREOPP-TEC designs products while ensuring to follow the production principles for cost reduction in tooling and production.

CREOPP-TEC satisfies you a great saving of time, money and energy by integrating the necessary skills in one and the same place.

Providing expertise

CREOPP-TEC, incorporates ecological design from the ideas stage.

  • Editor the scope statement in coordination with the client (Technical-economic)
  • Advice and assistance during the development period
  • Implementation of a development plan
  • Selection and characterization of materials
  • Decisive involvement in the design phase
  • Post-manufacturing analysis and refinement
  • Definition and development of the manufacturing process
  • Definition of product quality (material health) and interfaces; respect of the cycle time constraint by rheological study
  • Industrialization of products in the series process
  • Feedback of experience and identification of improved points for the product and process


Design the microelectronic systems. Thanks to these partners, CREOPP-TEC develops hardware and software systems that enable it to answer the main design needs of connected objects and M-to-M systems of the most innovative contractors.