Design is a tool for linking between you and your customers, an intelligent means of translation the sensibility, functional and usage, a vector for know-how, factor of acknowledgement in yours market.
Design is the logical and indispensable complement of the plastic, so that the plastic possesses at least a beautiful “plastic” or even better!

CREOPP-TEC integrates this dimension throughout your project with a close collaboration, with the development teams relying on its designers.
We assist you according to your needs, from researching the ideas to the physical concretization of the object, from assistance to translation of your drawing to the total creation of your design.

Our 4 points of attention are:
– Defend and put forward the expression and recognition of your brand,
– Be attentive to the use and functions which will be translated
– Demonstrate creativity and differentiation to add value to what is to create
– Be constantly attentive to the feasibility and balance the technical-economic of the proposals suggested.

CREOPP-TEC offers you a global solution. Give us your problematic or more simply your desires, we will translate them.