Project management and Industrialization

Project management and Industrialization

Best ensures the success of your project.


The project with a complex nature requires organization, coordination, method and rigor, but also vision, anticipation, communication.

It is the transverse taking into account of all its aspects which will increase the pledges of success by them by limiting the drifts which they are temporal, economic or technological.

Project management is an indispensable link between all the actors involved in its implementation, throughout its course, according to an established, clear, shared and plotted staking.

The key: reduce the risk of error, anticipate and be reactive to constantly adjust the choices and means, could best respect the technico-economic objective, ensure the deadlines.

Our values: vision and anticipation, adaptability and creativity, dynamism and sharing, openness and transparency, common sense and pragmatism.

Methods: all the precepts of project management. The central soul: the QQOQCCP [WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, HOW MANY, WHY]

Our offer about management projects :

  • Project management during the design phase : from the definition of the idea to the concretization of prototypes or pre-industrialize products.
  • Project management in the implementation phase : Organization of industrialization (Supply Chain, make or by, Lean manufacturing, calibration of partners, etc.)
    NOVATION is a specialized partner in leading and managing the projects ‘development, industrialization projects and innovation projects

Referenced by the Rhône Alpes Region in accompanying projects to innovation (THESAME) and Industry of the Future (ARDI).

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The project following the Definition of the World Organization for Standardization according to ISO 10006 (version 2003).

«A project is a unique process which consists of coordinated and mastered activities, including start and end dates, undertaking to achieve an objective conforming to the specific requirements, including time and cost constraints, costs and resources »


Assembly, painting, packaging, inspection, and so on…

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