General mechanical

General mechanical and precision mechanics

Our workshops are equipped with all technologies :

– HCL CNC 4/5 axes
-HRC 5-axis CNC machining
-Framing CNC UGV Roeders course 1000x850x650
-Electronic erosion with wire 2/4 axes
-Laser fusion
-Three-dimensional machines

For the production of high quality and high precision parts, any complex geometric shape, prototype or small, medium or large series,
Send your CAD files or plans to

Materials :
-Metal: titanium, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel silver, etc,
-Plastics : pa66, pmma, pom, peek, ertalyte, delrin, and so on

Many field of activity: automobile, watchmaking, medical, dental, industry …

Manufacture of inspection templates.

Our strengths: services, quality, precision, responsiveness, price.